Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo for Dogs with Sensitive skin

Relieves Discomfort from Dry, Itchy Skin 

No more itchy or irritated skin! 

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Veterinarian Approved, pH Balanced for Dogs, Sulfate and Paraben Free

Our proprietary formula uses 100% natural coconut derived cleansers and includes 5 hydrating oils to help maintain a healthy and hydrated coat, while providing moisture and relief to irritated/sensitive and itchy skin. 

Gentle Formula for Sensitive and Damaged Skin

Coconut derived Cleansers: Clean your dogs's skin and coat and remove bacteria and allergens.
Avocado, Coconut, and FS Hemp Oil: Fight eczema, dermatitis, and reduce inflammation.
Aloe Vera and Oatmeal Extract: Naturally hydrate and moisturize your dog's skin and coat.
Natural Fresh and Floral Scents: Flower extracts with added skin and coat benefits that keep your pup smelling fresh for weeks!

Real Floral Extracts. No Added Chemicals!

Most dog shampoos contain lab-created scents, which damage and irritate skin. Our unique scents were specifically chosen for ultimate skin and coat protection.

Say Goodbye to Skin Issues! Help your Dog Feel Better Today!

Hemp Natural Dog Shampoo
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Hemp Natural Dog Shampoo
Hemp Natural Dog Shampoo
Hemp Natural Dog Shampoo
Hemp Natural Dog Shampoo
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  • Third Party Tested and USDA Compliant
  • Over 5K Happy pet pawrents 

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Allergies and rashes are no longer an issue for Molly:

"We love this company! I've been using their products for over 2 years and it works so well for my pug. I've tried other products but hands down I will recommend and always use Petals and Tails."
..."Last year before I used them my pugs skin was raw and her coat was patchy. Now I know what to do once allergy season hits and it's bascially a life saver for my little pug"
Checkout Molly's Before and After below!

Oliver won the battle against rashes and itchy skin!

"My pup Oliver had been suffering with rashes and bumps for months!!
A friend of mine recommended Petals and Tails! I started out with their oil, lavender balm and matching shampoo.
The results were so drastic that I actually cried!!! ONLY 4 DAYS and he was completely back to normal!! highly highly recommend this company if your pup has skin issues!"

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More Reviews

Danielle Davidson


Absolutely LOVE this shampoo. My pup has sensitive skin and also tends to have dry skin. Even with feeding him salmon oil daily he still has dry skin and is sometimes itchy. Not after this shampoo! And it made him sooo soft. The shampoo is very gentle, and the smell is incredible. Over a week later and I can still faintly smell it on him! But for days he smelled incredible lol. I cannot say enough good things. Definitely recommend and definitely will be purchasing more. I got the Orchid Scent and absolutely love it!

Taylor Barnhouse


Smells so good I want to use it! Not only is the rose smell so delightful I would use at my own self but my dog's skin has never been better. We found out she suffered from grass allergies. My poor baby was scratching all night long I couldn't get any sleep her hair was falling out and skin was dry. We had tried everything, nothing seemed to be helping. This is my first time using Hemp products and I couldn't be more happy. Her hair has grown back, no itchiness and as a bonus she smells wonderful. Definitely worth the buy!

Alexandra Anderson


My dog suffers from allergies and sensitive skin. Petals and Tails has been a godsend! This shampoo is curing his skin irritation and he barely itches anymore. Love the paw balm, I use it on his nose after being in the sun a long time and on his paws to reduce the rough, sandpaper like tops on his paw pads. He likes to wake me with a paw to the face and now when he does I no longer get scratches from him.ergies, and he no longer gets nightmares.



I have an itchy dog that loses clumps of hair and ends up with painful rashes and red spots. After just a few uses my dog can finally lay down without digging herself to pieces. And it smells amazing! LOVE PETALS AND TAILS. I will buying again.