Linoy Ben naim has been on the Pet industry for over 5 years. Now, she is revolutionizing the industry

After she completed her MBA, in an effort to help her dog Chispita, and all other dogs like her, she threw herself into researching possible remedies and palliative treatments, and came across full spectrum hemp oil! 

She now leads Petals and Tails, the most unique and fastest growing hemp pet company in the USA. This is her story.

As Linoy was finishing her MBA, her beloved chihuahua, Chispita, began experiencing seizures and quickly passed away. She learned that hemp oil, although a new alternative for medicine in dogs, has had incredible and almost “too good to be true” results on dogs’ health. It has helped pets with anxiety, pain, arthritis, allergies and seizures. On top of these amazing benefits, hemp oil has no side effects making it an exemplary alternative to traditional medicine routes. Feeling empowered she decided to start a line of hemp pet products infused with floral extracts to help as many pets as possible! Petals and Tails was born right after graduation!

Petals and Tails effective and good for them!

anxiety who?

The most seeked out benefit is anxiety relief in its many forms. 1 in every 5 dogs suffer from anxiety wether its separation anxiety when you are not home, anxiety during a grooming or vet visit, thunder or firework anxiety or just general anxiety.


- Non-stop barking

-Shaking or trembling

- Whining

- Hiding

If your dog has experienced any of these then Hemp oil may help change their life for the better. Research has shown that Hemp oil interacts with the nervous and immune systems and helps regulating stress and some other physiological properties

Petals and Tails Product Line includes

All natural Treats, droppers, shampoos, balms and even peanut butter! To tackle any issue your pet may have. All our products are made in the USA, third party tested, and are 100 percent natural. So there is nothing to worry about!


Hemp works!

Not only is it extremely effective as the 700 five star reviews on prove, but it also is 100 percent natural and causes no harm or side effects.

Dog owners are obsessed with this magic oil and the peace of mind that it brings their babies and them now knowing their pets are happy, healthy and stress free.

Say goodbye to anxiety for good

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  • Reviews

    Our customers love it!

    Ashleigh – Miracle Worker! May 2019

    Such an amazing product! My pup had super bad anxiety and separation anxiety when it came to car rides and being on her own during work hours (to which she’d chew my walls to soothe herself), she also has issues regarding her patella in both her back legs that will require surgery in the future.
    Since using this product my pup is slowly coming round to enjoying car rides and I’m coming home to an untouched walls!! She’s also enjoying being about to run around pain free. Words cannot describe how amazing and beneficial this product is and how it has changed my babies quality of life.

    Lexi. G. – LOVE LOVE LOVE! January 2020
    I have an (approximately) 4-year-old male GSD rescue, Sig Sauer, who is very high anxiety. Sig was a stray in a very bad part of Michigan, and we believe he was abused. We don’t know his background, but he becomes very anxious and worked up when I leave him, when our cats are roaming around the house, and when children are in the house.
    This product has calmed him down so much where he is at ease when there are new people or kids around, when I leave him, and even when the cats are tormenting him. His constant pacing has stopped (which gets very annoying) and he is able to calm his nerves. It makes me feel so much better than he has been so calm after taking the CBD oil. We can enjoy having my 3-year-old god daughter over without his stressing himself out! I recommend this to anyone with highly anxious pups! 

    More amazing reviews

    Megan  - Amazing! July 2020
    I have a 3 year old husky who gets HORRIBLE separation anxiety. After just a couple of times using this she has calmed down and wayyyy more relaxed when I leave the house! She's no longer distructive or in distress.

    This product is seriously amazing and has helped my poor pup so much! Let me make sure to say that this product does not "sedate" my dog it just calms down her anxiety where she isn't anxious or scared because I'm gone. She's o much happier and calmer now. Thank you guys!!! 

    Its really no surprise that with such amazing results Petals and Tails is gaining momentum! instagram is their fastest growing social media outlet with almost 20K organic followers @petalsandtails