Does your dog suffer from seizures or tremors? Hemp oil may be what you are looking for!!!

If your dog suffers from seizures, you’ve felt the stress and helplessness not to mention heartbreak. So if you’ve been researching and wondering if Full Spectrum Hemp oil for seizures is an option … I am glad you found this blog!

It’s hard to see your dog suffer and not be able to explain to him what’s happening and why.

If you’ve visited your vet already and haven’t found any answers you’re not alone.

Or maybe you want to spare your dog the upset of a trip to his least favorite place? Or perhaps you’re looking for an alternative to the medication the vet prescribed since it contains harsh chemicals and unwanted side effects?

Regardless of what brought you here today, if your dog is experiencing seizures or tremors, you will find a way to help them in this blog… and Full Spectrum Hemp oil is one of the best alternatives and we'll explore why. 

This article takes a look at one dog, in particular, Monty, an English Springer Spaniel. At the age of 4 Monty had his first fit, completely out the blue. 

Seizures In Dogs

Seizures in dogs can manifest as anything from a twitch to uncontrollable shaking. They might be over quickly, or they might last for several minutes and may even come in what is called clusters. the causes of seizures vary from dog to dog.

There are several different causes for seizures:

  • Underlying health condition such as liver or kidney disease and cancer
  • Electrolyte problems
  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Vaccines 
  • Head injury

However, if your dog suffers from regular seizures, epilepsy might be the culprit. Epilepsy means there are bursts of uncontrolled electricity in your dog’s brain. Often there’s no cure for this condition, but you can manage it naturally with Full Spectrum Hemp oil.

What Is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Full Spectrum Hemp contains Cannabidiol that is harvested from the cannabis hemp plant. However, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it has no psychoactive properties.

Full Spectrum hemp interacts with the endocannabinoids receptors, which are found throughout the body of mammals, and are particularly concentrated in the brain, spinal column, and nervous system. And it’s in these organs and systems, that it has the greatest potential for impact.

How does it work and why does it help with Seizures In Dogs?

I mentioned the endocannabinoids receptors earlier. There are two types of receptors in your dog’s body.

  • The CB2 receptors are primarily located in the immune system.
  • The CB1 receptors are centralized in the nervous system and the brain.

It’s these CB1 receptors that have the greatest impact on your dog’s seizure treatment. Studies suggest that the endocannabinoid system is altered by seizures and epilepsy.

Research shows that Full Spectrum Hemp improves seizure control in patients with specific epilepsy syndromes. Seizures can have profound effects on the endocannabinoid system. This is why Hemp through a process known as “external modulation,” can reduce and sometimes stop seizures from happening.

The exact way in which Hemp contributes to a reduction in seizures and affects the ECS is still unknown. One theory is that Hemp has the ability to affect the receptors that calm the neurons firing during a seizure.

But we do know that this oil can have a positive effect on your dog’s seizure activity. If he feels any side effects at all, it will most probably take the form of mild drowsiness.

A real life story: how Monty's seizures and anxious behavior went away

Monty’s owners started using hemp oil to see if it would help with his anxious behaviour. Monty has been on hemp oil for just over a month and the results are astounding.

He’s not fully back to his old self as he can’t be trusted to not run off in certain areas – it seems the medication is affecting his hormones. However, how quickly his anxious behaviour has disappeared and how quickly his fun confident personality has returned is heartwarming.

He now sleeps through the whole night with no anxious behaviour or waking his owners, he’s back to his routine of being left for short periods and being fully calm. (His owners used a pet camera to spy on his behaviour).

He also hasn’t had another seizure since starting the hemp oil. On medication alone, his normal seizure pattern followed 1 fit every 11 days. It’s been 120 days and counting since Monty’s last fit…. 

Below is a quote from Monty’s owner, Olivia:

“Experiencing and watching Monty with epilepsy has honestly been the hardest thing. The fits themselves are horrible to watch, although they feel no pain during. The coming around after broke my heart- the fact he didn’t recognize me. With every fit he had, we could see him getting sadder and sadder and it affected our personal lives a lot.

I’m just glad I came across Petals & Tails Full Spectrum Hemp oil as it has been the most successful thing at not only controlling his anxieties and behavior but his seizures too, for that I am very thankful. We are now working on reducing his medication and relying solely on hemp oil.”

If you want to keep up with Monty’s story, follow him on Instagram @the.unique.looking.springer

Read more reviews from our customers below!

Review By Yazu G.

"My 1 1/2 year old Boston terrier Laz has suffered from seizures since I purchase him at 2 months old. I have spent over $10k finding a solution in western medicine, that was no where to be found. All it took was some education from petals and tails and I was surely convinced that purchasing the hemp drops would aid his recovery. I slowly stopped the phenobarbitals medicine and gave Laz the drops twice a day (full vile) and saw results almost instant. He stopped vomiting, no more diarrhea, and since early April he is 100% seizure free!! I’m beyond grateful, thank you for saving Laz."

Review by Brittney A.

"I use this hemp oil for my Staffy that has severe anxiety and for my 18 shih tzu who suffers from seizures as well as arthritis. My staffy has shown an incredible improvement and has become an all around relaxed dog. My shih tzu rarely gets seizures (and on the occasion she does we administer a dropper and they subside within minutes) and now she is clearly walking with my pep in her step and isn’t nearly as rigid as she was prior to starting hemp oil. There needs to be more research on hemp for dogs because I’ve seen so many great things with this alternative medicine."

Review by Heather G.

"As many of you know Banner suffers from what is called refractory epilepsy, also called drug-resistant epilepsy, and takes at minimum 15 pills a day. We have been in search for some time for a natural additive that may help reduce his seizures and anxiety. For the last week Banner has been taking @petalsandtails hemp oil in the morning and at night and we have already seen a huge difference in his anxiety. Stress is a trigger for seizures and we are so happy to have found something that eases him when we have to go to work. One of the worst feelings is knowing that you leaving can trigger a seizure and you won't be there to help. Thank you so much @petalsandtails for easing Banner's stress and ours!"

Review by Lisa S.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy in January 2019. My vet prescribed phenobarbital for me to help me. My mama did not like the idea of me being on such a harsh drug and decided to give CBD oil a chance. I have not had 1 episode since I have been on the CBD. 🤗🙌🏼 I like the taste of it so it is easy to take every day! Thank you! @petalsandtails for helping me feel better💗💗💗it has also made a big difference with my skin and coat with NO side effects or damage to my liver! If you’d like to try it, go to @petalsandtails 🐶🌼🐶

Review by Duke N.

"This is the first time my Dog has ever tried CBD and I’m so amazed it helped him so much with his anxiety he usually gets so nervous he starts to shake very badly but now it’s helped to calm him down and it’s also helping out his dog mom who has seizures all the time I’ve noticed it’s helped her too and less seizures for sure!!"